New LEGO Marvel Superheroes Videos!

LEGO MARVEL SuperheroesLEGO games are awesome. Fact. While I may not like the new trend of having voice talent in the games (I much preferred the wildly expressive silent faces of the earlier games), this does not detract from the fact that if you want a fun game that anyone in your family can join in on … there’s probably no better franchise. Bring in som classic superheroes and the job is done. Comic Con 2013 saw two new videos premiered for the forthcoming game. Click “more” to have a look at the fun for yourselves.

This first trailer showcases the larger heroes. It has some epic fights, and the traditional elements of humour we have come to expect from TellTale games in the LEGO franchise:

Next up is a 22 minute gameplay video from IGN Live which took place at the con. As well as gameplay, the guys discuss the ingame comics, voice talent etc. Most awesomely, the video features Howard the Duck and …


Playable Stan Lee … who has some … unexpected powers!

Reporter: WedgeDoc
Source: Comic Book Resources

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