New Resident Evil 6 Demo Happening September 18th

It’s autumn, the leaves will soon be turning, the days are getting shorter, and a horror demo is on the horizon that will have you trembling behind the sofa. Capcom has announced a brand new demo for their forthcoming horror sequel Resident Evil 6 which can be downloaded to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles come September 18th.

The demo, Capcom has promised, will differ from the Dragon’s Dogma unlockable a few months ago. The trial will enable players to levels from each of the single-player campaigns that will be featured in Resident Evil 6. These campaigns will include Leon Kennedy at Ivy University, Jake and Sherry Birkin in China, and Chris Redfield in Eastern Europe, taking on the undead, mutants, and bio-organic weapons.

The game itself won’t be far behind with it being scheduled for release 2nd October 2012, worldwide. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Source: Capcom, Eurogamer
Reporter: Dean Simons

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