New Seasons Confirmed for Warehouse 13 and Defiance

syfyWith so many shows being cancelled, it is nice to see that Syfy are bucking the trend – all be it only a little with regards to Warehouse 13, but still at least we have familiar and good TV to keep watching.

Syfy have confirmed that they have renewed Warehouse 13 for a 5th and FINAL season. Currently showing season 4.5 on Syfy in the UK, Warehouse 13 will return to our screen next year for a final 6 episodes in order to finish off the story.

I totally love this show and will be very sad to see it go, however it is better it goes out whilst it is still good and before the show starts being very tired.


Syfy have also confirmed that new TV show Defiance will be getting a second series. Hmm…after a slow start I am quite surprised by this, but I’m guessing that the later episodes must be doing well in the US – or maybe it’s the fact that the game that goes along with this TV show appears to be doing really well!

Source: hollywood reporter
Reporter: darkphoenix1701

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