New Star Trek movie makes bold promises

According to this article over at Sci-fi Wire the new Star Trek movie is nearly done.

I have somehow managed to switch off the anal Trekkie in me to allow my excited Geek to come out. I’m really excited about this movie. I think the premise is a good way to hopefully get around some of the continuity issues.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Enterprise back on the big screen again. I’ve almost come to terms with the fact that I’m not going to see Shatner but some other flash git playing Kirk. I’m still struggling with Simon Pegg as Scotty but I am giving him the benefit as I’m a huge fan of everything else he’s done. So long as they don’t make Scotty the comedy guy I’ll be happy.

What does worry me is some of he epic statements being made like this one by Roberto Orci ,one of the writer of the movie.

“Fans can expect to see that the people who made this movie knew their Star Trek, and if they’ve been a fan of Star Trek, they’re going to see things that pay off for them in a way that will not pay off for a general audience,” Orci said.

First off saying out loud that this will tell fans that they know their Trek is just asking people to find flaws in their story and their continuity. Never poke a cornered cougar gentlemen. I have no idea what that means but I think it’s a menacing statement so I’ll leave it in. I couldn’t care less if after I see the movie and I love it that I find out the writers just went onto wikipedia and typed in ‘Star Trek’ and spent a week researching it I wouldn’t care one bit. You can know Star Trek inside and out and still give me something crap Insurrection and Nemesis I’m looking at you. Just give me a good, kick ass sci-fi movie and stop worrying about proving to me how much you know your Star Trek. At the end of the day Chris Pine is never going to be Kirk (it always be Shatner) and the bad buy from Heroes is never going to be Spock. There’s just too much history there for me. All these guys can do is give me their take on the characters. I can still go in there and enjoy the hell out of a kickass Star Trek movie with a re visioning of those characters.

Be careful building up Fan’s expectation, especially a Trekkie’s expectations. I know you have to hype the movie although seeing how long it’s been since we’ve had Star Trek either on the little screen or the big screen I don’t imagine it’s going to be tough getting fans to the cinema.

Personally I can’t wait for this movie and I hope I get to see a full trailer soon as it’s killing me that I’ve hardly seen anythng of it. They are definately playing this one close to their chest.

Anyhoo you can read the full article here

GS Reporter: The Nuge

Source: Sci-fi Wire

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  1. Gah! Food point about the Cougar – there’s been enough aggro about this without saying to fans “we know our stuff so back off.”

    Not a huge Trek fan myself – I like the concept but only REALLY enjoyed DS9 as it was a bit more grounded I thought. Love the tech and concepts though (I did do my own version of Starfleet with ship designs and stuff back when I was a mid-teen).

    I’ll watch the film and see what’s what. I’m anal about continuity but not THAT up on Trek con so will be able to not get annoyed until I’m told stuff afterwards!

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