New Teaser Trailer for C4’s Utopia

UTOPIA 7 BECKY S119 T1 copy_A2 (1)

After seeing the first episode of this new show, I can definitely say that this is one for all the geeks out there. Finally an intelligent story with an end that is clearly in sight, that wont keep us waiting for weeks on end to discover all the loose ends. Is this C4’s new Misfits? Only time will tell!

Utopia is new 6 part show written by Dennis Kelly. It starts off with a bang and looks set to keep us glued to our seats for 6 weeks. How many cast will survive and what will be left of them? To find out you will have to tune in with the rest of us.

Dennis Kelly’s enigmatic thriller Utopia centres around The Utopia Experiments, a legendary graphic novel shrouded in mystery. When a small group of previously unconnected people who have met on a forum, find themselves in possession of an original manuscript of the fabled book, their lives suddenly and brutally implode, relentlessly pursued by a shadowy unit called The Network who will stop at nothing, to keep its origin and meaning secret.

The show launches on Channel 4 on 15th January.

Source: Den of the Geek, C4
Reporter: Montoya

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