New Thor Movie Poster and Banner

This brand new Thor movie poster follows a recent trend of text-over-face, which the Social Network seemed to start. It was recently replicated by The Adjustment Bureau and now by the less-likely Thor. Personally, I love the style, the block red with Chris Hemsworth etched into the background and then the minimalist text centered over the top looks really effective. However, In my opinion, they ruined it by scrawling that legal jargon over the bottom… can’t they just leave it out and deal with that stuff in another way? Probably not…

Like the above poster, this one is minimalistic too, the single block letter over each of the main character’s face looks really effective. And would have been enough, but some ad-guy at Marvel decided that a good way to reel in punters was to remind the general public that Iron man was a Marvel movie too, I don’t think people are that stupid, and even if they are surely the poster alone should do the job of attracting people to the movie. But hey, what do i know? (please, don’t answer that)

So what does everyone else think of these two new additions to the Thor poster gallery? let us know in the comments, or send me/us a tweet @GeekSyndicate or @Tom_1994.

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