New Web Series Launches Next Gen Entertainment Company ‘Wild Seed Studios’

slide-01v4Founded by Aardman Animations’ former Head of Broadcast Miles Bullough and former BBC creative executive Jesse Cleverly, Wildseed Studios could well be the future of entertainment. They describe Wildseed as ‘a next-generation entertainment content incubator designed to attract creators looking for funding and expertise’. Its mission is to attract creators looking for funding and expertise.

The first round of funding is complete and the headline project is a live-action sci-fi/horror web series from 19 year old Drew Casson. Shot in a ‘vlog style’, it’s a 90-minute coming of age drama, heavily influenced by horror and sci-fi. With incredible special effects, it’s the story of an English village been invaded by aliens. The other launch project is for young adults. It’s a ‘wickedly funny’ animated show based on the work of underground UK comic artist Ralph Kidson. Episodes include ‘God and Jesus’ where God explains his plans to Jesus for his latest miracle; ‘Animal Job Centre’ sees an unemployed squirrel trying to navigate the vagaries of the job market while ‘Serengeti’ features punchy and loutish animals launch having foul-mouthed tirades against each other at the slightest provocation. Expect the public launch in August where more details of release dates will be made.

As more projects are in the pipeline – expect announcements soon – Wildseed is calling for on emerging and established creators to get in touch here: . If successful, they will have their ideas commissioned, developed, financed and distributed. Each project will have up to £10,000 invested, with 50 new projects over the next 3 years. If there’s a connect with the intended audience, more investment may follow. Sounds awesome. This contributor is already looking through his notepad.

But what, I hear you say, are they looking for? The target market is young adult audiences (which Wildseed put at 13 to 35). The scope of the projects is to work in Genre Fiction (Sci-Fi/horror/fantasy), Animated Sitcom, Character Comedy, and then also comedy for Kids 6-11 in both live action and animation. Hey, my idea doesn’t fit in those! You’re in luck. 10 of the 50 slots are called Wildseed’s Wildseeds; ideas which don’t fit in any area. But you have to make Miles and Jesse love your idea!

‘Miles and I have spent the last 9 months working on our business plan and fund-raising’ says Cleverly, ‘and we have found that there are lots of incredible creators out there who are making original engaging content with huge potential, but who lack the resources and experience to take what they do to the next level. We aim to be the company that enables them to develop into the next generation of entertainment trail blazers’.

‘We’ve also had a great reaction to our plans from established creators’, says Bullough. ‘Our proposition of not needing creative control, offering a meaningful share of back-end and moving fast and fearlessly has struck a chord with people who have great CV’s already but are interested in working a new way.’

Bullough was Head of Broadcast at Aardman for 9 years, and worked on Shaun The Sheep, Wallace and Gromit and Creature Comforts. Before that he worked at Absolutely; responsible for Trigger Happy TV, C4’s Armstrong & Miller, Stressed Eric and The Jack Docherty Show. Cleverly trained as script editor at the BBC where he put the film Eastern Promises into development. Prior to working at the BBC he worked for the Royal Court Theatre. More recently he has running his own IP development company Connective Media.

Wildseed is focussing on low-cost production with its early pilots. ‘Neither we nor our creators make money from our early stage investments – it all goes into the projects’ says Bullough.

‘For our investment-funnel model to work’, says Bullough, ‘we need just one of our 50 investments to turn into a breakout hit. That feels achievable given our experience, our test and roll out methodology and the amount of talent out there looking for investment and support. The key will be to create characters that the audience wants to be or be with and when we do, to be ready to exploit them across all media and all over the world.’

‘Working on our business idea, writing business plans, presenting, fund-raising and launching a start-up over the last nine months has been a thrilling experience’ says Bullough. ‘What has really been exciting though is the projects that we have been unearthing. Some of the people we are working with are at a turning point in their burgeoning careers we have been able to make a crucial contribution to what they do. This has already been as rewarding for us as anything we have ever been involved in professionally.’

Whatever platform you work on (Wildseed is platform neutral), if you have great characters and are interested in pushing forward with some low cost production for pilot, this could be the company for you.

Jesse Cleverly (L) & Miles Bullough (R)
Reporter: Ian J Simpson


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