New Wii MotionPlus Attachment

News for owners of Nintendo Wii wanting a proper sword-fighting game will be in for a treat next year. E3 was the stage for the reveal of the Wii MotionPlus which increases the amount of motion tracking that the remote can achieve.

This month’s Official Nintendo Magazine (in the UK) has revealed that the sensor will come packaged with Wii Sports Resort which includes a fencing mode to demonstrate the potential. Additionally, the magazine confirms that Red Steel 2 is in development which utilises the technology.

Game reports that the release of Wii Sports Resort with the device will be sometime in Quarter 4 of this very year and the RRP is £49.99. Getting one for every remote may well be a pricey business, limiting the multiplay factor somewhat.

EA Sports have announced that their titles will support the device – the first of which will be released early in 2009. Tennis pros beware.

I guess that the main prohibition now will be AI’s ability to block all possible flourishes…

The official press release is on Nintendo’s site

Details are in issue 034 of ONM.

GS Reporter: WedgeDoc

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