NYCC 2011: Attack the Block

First up on the agenda for Saturday was the panel for Attack the Block, which is out on DVD and Blu-Ray in the US on October 25th.

Attack the Block is the story of a group of teens who get caught in a sci-fi showdown after aliens land right in the middle of their South London council estate. You can read the full Geek Syndicate review here.

While the film didn’t perform well in its extremely limited run in the US, you wouldn’t know it from the packed room and enthusiastic audience.  The panelists were director Joe Cornish, John Boyega, who plays unlikely hero Moses, and Luke Treadaway, who play Brewis.  Follow the cut for some photos and highlights from the panel.

The panel started off with a clip from the DVD, and then the panelists got right down to it.  Some highlights:

  • Joe Cornish wanted to use less detail as opposed to more when it came to creating the aliens – his inspirations for them included the aliens on the Space Invaders box and his cats;
  • John Boyega is in New York working on an HBO project based on the life of Mike Tyson (lots of great things to come for this kid, I tell you);
  • Fan quote of the day, describing the movie: “It’s like the kids from The Wire got thrown into Gremlin;
  • From that, John Boyega revealed that he took a lot of inspiration on how he wanted to play Moses from the fourth season of The Wire;
  • It took four years to make the movie because Joe Cornish was working on several other projects simultaneously, including The Adventures of TinTin – he co-wrote the screenplay with Steven Moffat and Edgar Wright;
  • When asked about plans for a sequel or a US remake, Joe Cornish said there have been some talks;
  • John Boyega doesn’t think there should be a US remake, as we already get all of the aliens – he doesn’t think we need any more (personally, I agree).
After the panel, attendees were given an exclusive Attack the Block poster, which they could then have autographed by the panelists.  All in all, a pretty successful panel, I would say.  And now a few pictures:
Joe Cornish, John Boyega and Luke Treadaway:
John Boyega:
Luke Treadaway:

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