News Bits: Ninja Turtles, Kick Ass 2 and a Twilight Reboot?

A round up of all the news bits & bobs from around the net including news about the Ninja Turtles remake, Kick Ass 2 and rumours that Twilight could be rebooted (what the what?):

The NINJA TURTLES movie has ‘temporarily’ ceased production due to concerns with the Script. That’s the new Michael Bay Ninja Turtle remake where the titular characters are ALIENS rather than Mutants. To say few tears were shed when this news broke is an understatement.

KICK ASS 2 starts shooting this fall with Jeff Wadlow directing and MOST of the original cast returning, including Chloë Grace Moretz and Chris Mintz-Plasse. Filmmakers are also promising a hard R rating again.

If you ever needed more proof that filmmaking is no longer about art and just commerce here it is. Rumours have been rife that a TWILIGHT reboot is on the cards. Yes that film series that started so long ago back in the dark days of cinema known as 2008 and has managed to release at least one distinctly average film per year could be heading back to the start. Maybe this time they can make a decent film?

Sources: AICN, Dark Horizons, SlashFilm
: Phil Hobden

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