News on Iron Man 2 speeds our way!

In an interview while promoting the upcoming Iron man DVD it’s director Jon Favreau reveal throw out a few scraps of info on the sequel.

For a start it looks like we can look forward to the sinister Mandarin gracing us with his presence in the next movie. However Jon admits that he is struggling with how to update the villain for the modern day audience and doubts he will be the main villain of the piece.

I get that maybe the look of the old school Mandarin might not go down too well in this day and age. All we can do is pray that he doesn’t go to the other extreme, like the recent Flash Gordon TV series. That lame show took a great and legendary villain MIng and turned him into a chump who looked like a canadian mountie (no offence to the CM’s out there reading this). I really don’t think anyone would have kicked up a fuss if he was bald with a beard and actually looked like a bastard.

Also Jon mentioned his desire to put Rhodey, who didn’t have much to do in the first movie except cover Tony’s ass, into his War machine duds.

Later in the interview Jon reveals the comics that are using to give them the tone for the second movie.

“I’ll tell you which [comic books] we’re looking at very closely, not so much for story but for tone: the Matt Fraction [ones],” he said. “I haven’t talked to him yet, but we want to talk to him and get him out here. The Fraction series seems to be informed as much by our movie as by what had happened with Iron Man before.”

Not being much of Iron man his own comics (I’ve read Extremis and that’s about it) I’ve never picked up any of the stuff Matt Fraction has done. Given this news I may give it a look see.

Head over to sci-fi wire for the full interview (with pretty pictures…ooh)

So long as the second movie expands on the first rather than just being a bigger louder rehash then I will beĀ  happy to fork over my money for a cinema ticket again.

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Source: Sci-fi wire

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  1. I’ll be looking forward to IM2. I think the animated Iron Man movie produced by Lion Head did quite a good job with The Mandarin. Don’t see a problem with having an Asian bad guy – if the dude’s evil, he’s evil. Bring in an Asian support goody to balance it if it’s such a problem!

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