News on The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 2
04/09/2008 NEWS

Series Two of The Sarah Jane Adventures will be hitting the screens soon and in preparation, the good folk at the BBC have updated the series’  mini-site.

Amongst the usual character profiles and other interactive content is a 20 second preview clip (well – about 10 seconds of actual clippage). Thankfully there are no Slitheen in sight, though it appears the wee-Graske are back and at least one Sontaran is lurking about following the infamous Atmos-invasion attempt.

Doctor Who Magazine also reports that Samantha Bond returns for a Bit of Bane-oriented revenge. It is also my understanding that Maria and her family will be moving out during the course of the series and wannabe-journalist Rani (Not THAT one … I think) and her family will be moving in. Focus will also be placed on Clyde and his family.

Sarah’s Secret Files have been updated to include notes about the Sontaran ATMOS project and the events (well, half of them) from the Who Season 4 finale.

Here’s hoping the series builds on the last one and continues to excite.

GS Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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