NEWS: Pseudopod 10th Anniversary Kickstarter

Geek Syndicate is very pleased to announce some very exciting news from our friends over at Pseudopod!

Pseudopod is a quarterly horror fiction podcast, and to celebrate their 10th anniversary, they’ve launched their very own Kickstarter.

Pseudopod already pay pro rates for stories along with their editorial, production and admin staff, and they now want to expand that to include their narrators. As an added Kickstarter incentive, they’re also launching their first ever anthology!  For Mortal Things Unsung features specially commissioned stories from some of their best authors as well as reprints of all-time favourites. There’s also this amazing tiki mug especially designed by Jonathan M. Chaffin, whose Horror in Clay company has run five successful crowdfunding campaigns for horror-themed mugs. Check it out!


Nice, eh? The design is Psuedopod Tower constructed with nods to famous horror movies, a mysterious hooded ‘Slush wrangler’ and the show’s catchphrase ‘We have a story for you and we promise you it’s true’ in Enochian.

Pledge levels include some book bundles from Orrin Grey, Grady Hendrix, and Alasdair Stuart, chances to record a short message to run on an episode, and a pile of stretch goals waiting in the wings. They’ll also run daily short essays from staff members, authors, narrators and more about what Pseudopod means to them, plus the occasional surprise.

You can also support Psuedopod by signal boosting on social media, using this link:

The Kickstarter is live now. Check it out and support it if you can!



GS Blogger: Michaela Gray (@bookiesnacksize)

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