Nine Worlds Geekfest News: This years new tracks

Nine Worlds Geekfest may only been in its 3rd year this year, but they make sure that they continue to grow and cover more and more things for all us geeks each year.

Last year the new tracks included: Food Geekery, Whedon, Podcasting, Future Tech, and Race and Culture. And this year is no different with the introduction of: Anime, Apocalypse, History, Religion, Star Trek, Supernatural and Tolkien.

Here is some information on each – both of us will be checking out the Star Trek tracks and darkphoenix with definitely be checking out the Supernatural track.

The Anime Track will provide a brief introduction to what has rapidly become a stalwart of Geek Culture. It will be discussing some key moments in Anime and Manga, and examining the relationship the West has with an art form that encompasses everything from giant robots and magical mermaids to historical intrigue and the horrors of war. It will also be looking at costumes, Kaiju and everything that has grown out of oriental geekery.

The Apocalypse track will be covering all aspects of the end of the world and what comes afterwards. Including everything from zombies, to meteors, to a future where antibiotics have ceased to work, it will be looking at how apocalypses are written, how society will be rebuilt after there is one, and whether the guests at Nine Worlds will have what it takes to survive after everyone else on the planet has been eaten or smashed by robots.

The History Track understands that the study of the past is, of course, a very important subject that is taken seriously. But it is also possible to have a lot of fun as a historian, and there’s lots of potential for geeky and fannish behaviour. This track will introduce history to geeks, and emphasise the geeky aspects. At the same time, historians will be given a chance to explore their own geekiness, learn about how to handle sources, and see historians enthuse about their subject.

The Religion & Faith Track seeks to explore how religion and faith interact with geekdom, and serves to help, question, inspire, and form a major part of many of the fandoms. Be these taken from Western, Eastern, or ancient religions, they are a large influence on the world of geekdom. This track seeks to explore the religion, the faith, and the ethics shown and explored in these multi-faceted worlds.

Star Trek: Fandom – the final frontier: These are the voyages of the Nine Worlds Star Trek Track – its weekend-long mission to explore the future, to seek out new perspectives and new interpretations, to boldly go where no track has gone before.

Supernatural’s fandom is a phenomenon in itself. Its first year at Nine Worlds will involve pop quizzes, a chance to discuss the agony and ecstasy of following the show, and some juicy talks from a Professor of Philosophy and a real live Demonologist.

The Tolkien Track is an intersectional exploration and celebration of Tolkien’s Middle Earth. It will be reclaiming the works of the Grandpa[triarch] of fantasy , discussing fanfiction, headcanons, and adaptations that broaden the borders of a cisgender, heterosexual, white men’s space, and make the fantasy world of Tolkien into a world that is inclusive and diverse. If you ever struggled to find yourself in the Fellowship, if you ever dreamed of queer hobbits, elves of colour, women dwarves, and non-binary Ents, this is the track for you.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information as we get it.

Source: Nine Worlds Geekfest
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