Nine Worlds: Pictures and Initial Thoughts from the Weekend

Nine Worlds Geekfest 2013 has just finished. To all who went, you know what a great event this was – to all who missed out check out some of the pictures we took over the weekend and our initial thoughts.

With Nine Worlds just behind us I thought I’d share with you some of the pictures I took throughout the weekend and a few of my initial thoughts. Whilst writing up this article I was looking through the programme again and kept coming across panels and discussions that I missed that I really wish I hadn’t.

This isn’t a negative comment about the weekend but in fact a real positive, it highlights how much cool stuff that they had going on all the time. There were multiple times when I was looking through the programme when I had to choose between three or four things going on at the same time. There was everything from Water Dancing with Syrio Forel (Miltos Yeromelou) from Game of Thrones, Conversations with Robert Llewellyn and Chris Barrie (where both confirmed news about Red Dwarf series 11 and possibly 12 – 11 will hopefully start filming in Feb/Mar) to Diffusion of the Dead: Mathematically Modelling Zombies by Thomas Woolley who was incredibly funny and entertaining whilst teaching higher level maths.

There was an amazing mix of people too at this convention, everyone seemed to be in good spirits throughout and with so much to choose from I didn’t hear a single complaint from anyone in attendance. I met up with some old friends and made some great new ones at the same time.

I think one of the biggest compliments I can give to the organisers of the event is that it felt like Geekfest had been running for years already. I know it’s really early days for this convention but to me it’s already up there with the best we have to offer to Geeks and the rest of the convention organisers should be worried – There’s a new kid in town and if you want to stay ahead you’re going to have to pick your game up massively.

Check out our pictures below:

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With next years event already confirmed for August 8-10 2014 this is one date that is already in our calendar and will be solidly in our calendar hopefully for years to come – it’s going to be one of the first conventions I look out for when organising my geek events.  I can only see this convention going from strength to strength as the foundation they have to build on is amazing – Keep it up and Thank You for an amazing weekend.

I can’t stress this enough – if you didn’t attend this year make sure you book up early for next year, you may be disappointed otherwise.

Hope to see you all next year…

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