Nintendo Announces Plan to Develop Mobile Games & Next Console

Nintendo has announced a ‘business and capital alliance’ deal with a web and mobile games developer DeNA that will see both companies working together to develop new mobile games featuring Nintendo IP and a new cross-platform membership service for players. Only new games “optimised for smart device functionality will be created”, so no ports of 3DS or Wii U games.

Nintendo says “the alliance is intended to complement Nintendo’s dedicated video game systems business and extend Nintendo’s reach into the vast market of smart device users worldwide”. Nintendo and DeNA also announced they will develop an online membership service that is accessible from smart devices, PC and Nintendo systems, such as the Nintendo 3DS portable system and the Wii U home console. The membership service which could be similar to Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, is targeted to launch in the fall of 2015, will be built on DeNA’s extensive experience and capabilities in online membership services.

As part of the deal, Nintendo has bought 10 percent of DeNA, while the mobile games publisher has acquired 1.24 percent of Nintendo.

The first mobile game under the new partnership could come out as early as later this year.

As part of the announcement Nintendo has also revealed that it is working on its next dedicated games console which is codenamed NX. No further details will be given on the console until 2016 but it shows that although Nintendo are expanding into mobile gaming there also have no plans to stop making dedicated games consoles.


Source: MCV

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