Nintendo Publish Complete In-Development List of Wii U Games

Nintendo has also published a complete list of Wii U games currently in development and long with some well-known Nintendo stalwarts like Mario and Luigi, there a lot of top 3rd party games which are games that have previously eluded Nintendo’s Wii console.

Here is the list of games. On the downside many of these have or will have been available on both the PS3 and 360 long before their WiiU release but on the positive side there are some special edition version such as the Batman Arkham City Armoured Edition.

2K Sports

NBA 2K13 – Holiday

Ben 10: Omniverse – Holiday
Family Party: 30 Great Games (working title) -Holiday
Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game – Holiday

Electronic Arts
Mass Effect 3 – Holiday

Maximum Games
Jett Tailfin – Holiday

TANK! TANK! TANK! – Holiday
TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 (working title) – Holiday

LEGO City: Undercover – Holiday
New Super Mario Bros. U – Holiday
NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge – Holiday
Nintendo Land – Holiday
SiNG (working title) – Holiday
Wii U Panorama View (working title) – Holiday
Game & Wario (working title) – Launch Window
Pikmin 3 -Launch Window
Project P-100 (working title) – Launch Window
Wii Fit U – Launch Window

Aliens: Colonial Marines – TBA
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed – Holiday

Darksiders II – Holiday

Assassin’s Creed III – Holiday
Just Dance 4 – Holiday
Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth – Holiday
Rabbids Land – Holiday
Sports Connection – Holiday
Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 – Holiday
ZombiU – Holiday
Rayman Legends – TBA

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Scribblenauts Unlimited – Holiday
Batman: Arkham City Armoured Edition – Holiday

Chasing Aurora – Holiday
Trine 2: Director’s Cut – Holiday
Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien – Holiday
Aban Hawkins & the 1,001 Spikes – Holiday
Cloudberry Kingdom – Holiday

Source: Nintendo
Reporter: Soulfinger

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