No Female Shepard or Seth Green in the Mass Effect movie

The people behind the Mass Effect movie have released the answers to questions that they didn’t have time  answer when they where at Comic-Con earlier this year. All the questions are available to look at on the film company Legendary’s website. The site was updated in silence as the post was from a month back and until now no one had noticed. 

It may not surprise you to hear that the story will follow the more commonly advertised male Shepard over his female counter part. However something that surprised me at first was that Seth Green was not going to be playing joker in the film until I realised that Seth Green and Joker do not look that similar and that their would be probably someone better suited to play the part.

The producer also said that the story would not follow that of the games but be a completely new story line, which may annoy some people but I think that doing this would make the film better as it will not be shackled to the story of the game and will have the ability to explore new places in the Mass Effect universes that we have not seen before.

GS Reporter: Jack Edge

Source: Legendary

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