No Nielsen in next Naked Gun movie…what’s the point then?

I loved the Naked Gun moives (although the first one stands head and shoulders above the other two movies for me). Later I got to watch the Police Squad series that the movies were based on and spent many a happy hour laughing my ass off.

Naked Gun showed how a parody should be done right (Superhero, Epic and Disaster movies take note) most of this was down to the dead pan delivery and spot on comic timing from Leslie Nielsen of Airplane fame. So when I heard they were doing a straight to DVD 4th Naked gun movie I was a little concerned but I thought if Nielsen is in it I should get a few laughs. So i was far from happy to see the news from Yahoo News that it looks like Nielsen won’t be in this movie.

The blurb for the new movie involves….you know what screw it. If Frank Drebin isn’t in it I’m not interested in whatever plot they come up with. I would have been happier if they at least had him in this movie in a kind of passing the torch to the next generation kind of way but they couldn’t even do that. 

Sorry but this just sounds lame. 

“Good luck Naked Gun four, no one is counting on you.”

Source: Yahoo News

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