No one Wants a Wonder Woman TV Show


No Love for Wonder Woman

Back in October it was reported that David E. Kelly (Ally McBeal) was working on a live action Wonder Woman for Warner Bros. and CD Entertainment. Last week David went to all the main TV Networks and tried to sell the show and no one wanted to buy it Deadline has the whole story

First it went to FOX and they passed (no surprise). David then took the show to The CW, which is owned by Warner Bros, but they passed due to money concerns. ABC  also passed, why? Because they are owned by Disney, who own Marvel and are already making a Jessica Jones TV series which was thought to be too similar.  CBS came close but again the show was turned down. That left just NBC. Due to some internal structure change at NBC they were not able to pitch the show at all.

So what does this mean for Wonder Woman? Well, it means it’s pretty much dead in the water. Deadline says that it’s possible that Kelly will try again with his Wonder Woman show sometime in the future but it’s not likely to be picked up.

Source: Deadline

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