No! Really?!? Neeson Signs on for Taken 3!

 For a mere $20M, is Neeson “Taken the….?”

So it’s been confirmed that EuropaCorp has agreed to pay Liam Neeson around $20M to get him to reprise ex-agency guy Bryan Mills in Taken 3. Sources notes that Neeson was against doing Taken 2 until he read the paycheck – sorry, the script, and they paid him $15 million (1/3  of the film’s budget) – to be fair it went on to make around  $400M.

No word on the plot though: after those pesky trafficking Albanians had Taken his daughter and then he & his wife were Taken 2, who is left to be Taken Thirdly? A long lost twin brother? An as yet un-announced grand-child? No word either on the rest of the cast, though rumours are they’re negotiating the return of Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen.

Taken was brilliant, but Taken 2, entertaining though it was, was a formulaic facsimile of the original – it’s hard to imagine where they can take the story to keep it fresh… Taken With A Vengeance?

Source: Deadline
Reporter: SilverFox

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