Notes from Nuge Podcast Comes to GS Patreon Subscribers

Listeners of Geek Syndicate will know that I love soundtracks (movie, tv, games etc) like a fish likes…well air. Ok not the best analogy in the world but you get where I’m going with this.

Every so often on the podcast Dave would let me sneak in Notes from Nuge where I would pick a soundtrack title that I was loving at the moment. I would normally explain why I picked the track then sneak in a quick clip of said piece of music.

So now that Dave has forbidden me from ever doing Notes from Nuge on the podcast under pain of death by ninja hamsters (I may exaggerating) I’ve been looking to go solo with this section. As a trial run but also to hopefully so something a little fun for our patreon subscribers I have launched Notes from Nuge on our Patreon page. The mini podcast will be available to anyone subscribing to our  3$ or more Patreon reward levels. I’m still working out the frequency of the podcasts but at the moment I’m going for one every two weeks. The first episode, where I pick a fave from the animated works of Batman, is out now.

So get subscribing and have a listen!

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