Nuge’s Dark Horse Solicitation picks for December!

Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #1 (of 8 )

Written by Mike Mignola, art by Duncan Fegredo, colored by Dave Stewart, cover by Mignola.

When ancient giants begin to rise from their graves across England, Hellboy is invited to join a mysterious group called the Wild Hunt and help bring them down. But the hunt leads to betrayal, and Hellboy finds himself up against enemies as angry about what he is as what he’s done. “The fading children of the earth” gather in the shadows, waiting for the promised return of the Queen of Blood, and a chance to once again “shake the trees, crack mountains, and make the daytime world weep in fear.”  

The Nuge says: Nothing much grabbed me on the Dark horse  accept this Hellboy title. To be honest though as much as I like Hellboy I’m not desperate to read it so I’ll probably wait for the trade on this one. If Dark Horse ever knock out another Lobster Johnson title I’ll be all over that in a heartbeat.

GS Reporter: The Nuge

Source: Forbidden Planet International

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