NYCC 2010 – Avengers Panel Report

Ok So New York comic con is going full strength! Marvel have just had their Avengers! Below are all the bullet points of the stuff they announced/confirmed

In Attendance:

Tom Brevoort, Executive Editor/VP, Editor Bill Rosemann, Writer Brian Michael Bendis, Writer Christos Gage, Writer Jonathan Hickman, Writer Jim McCann, Writer Paul Tobin, Writer Sean McKeever, Moderator: Manager of Sales Communications Arune Singh


  • AVENGERS #7 see’s Red Hulk join the team
  • The Red Hulk changes everything
  • the panel in Avengers 5, and the map of the future on the wall is going to be VERY important
  • Shang Chi will join the Secret Avengers, to help stop the resurrection of Shang’s father.
  • WHO IS THE NANNY?! (for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ baby) story in New Avengers
  • Squirrel Girl has a hidden past with some members of the group, and she is one of the dozens that auditioned, you will see in the book
  • Christos Gage is now exclusive with Marvel! (Great news i love this guy, Matt J)
  • Hank Pym will take up his Giant Man identity once again in AVENGERS ACADEMY #7!
  • Giant Man vs. Absorbing Man in AVENGERS ACADEMY
  • “Game On”, it’s a three part crossover across the Avengers Academy, Spider-Girl and Young Allies annuals written by Paul Tobin Feb 2011!
  • Spider-Girl will be integral to the Spider-Man world (will be influenced by Big Time) written by Paul
  • Hawkeye and Mockingbird is leading in to Widow Maker, Black Widow and Ronin vs Hawkeye and Mockingbird. concept is that there is a new Ronin in town, and spies are being killed, seemingly without reason.
  • The Origin of Ronin will be revealed, before Echo got the costume
  • Sadly, SECRET WARRIORS ends with April’s #27, There will be a giant-sized #25 issue that ties up a ton of plots
  • SHIELD: This is the quintessential story of man through time, and whether or not we make our own future
  • In Captain America, Bucky has to answer for the things he did as the Winter Soldier
  • There will be a trial, and while this is going on, the new Red Skull, Syn, will stage an attack on the Statue of Liberty
  • In March there will be a 70th anniversary issue of Captain America described as ‘phonebook of Captain America’
  • Tom Brevoort spoke about Thor, “we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg”
  • Matt Fraction’s THOR will help drive a large chunk of the Marvel Universe for the coming months
  • Matt Fraction has a plan for Thor that could last for 34 months!!
  • Iron Man to be renumbered to Issue 500 of Invincible Iron Man in Jan 2011
  • New Series IRON MAN 2.0 by Nick Spencer. Starring James Rhodes! The future of war, and the future of private corporation will be explored!
  • Onslaught Unleashed: Coming in Feb 2011 by Sean McKeever, Onslaught in the 90s was the major threat, he has been in the negative zone, and time there has moved a lot more quickly and thus he has been waiting a long long time to get his revenge

Lots and Lots of stuff there! I’m most excited about the Trial of Captain America! my prediction is that Steve Rogers will be Captain America by the end of it (or at least in time for the Movie)

GS Reporter: Matt

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