NYCC 2010: Marvel’s Next Big Thing Panel Report

Marvels Last panel of the weekend has jsut finished and we got some HUGE news about the 616 and Ultimate Universes,

In Attendance:

Fred Van Lente, Jason Aaron, Jeph Loeb, Brian M. Bendis, Dan Slott, Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Greg Pak, Mark Paniccia and Arune Singh

616 Announcements

  • Chaos War Sold out at distribution level
  • Fred Van Lente notes that if the Chaos King wins, that could be the end for comics. Period. Can the heroes stop the world from being reverted to the chaos that existed before creation?
  • The end of Thanos Imperative is…NOT the end of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning in the Marvel Cosmic Universe!
  • New cosmic event called “Devastation” is the aftermath of Thanos Imperative and sets up the new status quo!
  • Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning will be writing Heroes for Hire. This is not your traditional team up book, it has a rotating cast, and some don’t even know their team members, they are being manipulated! You cannot predict the last page of Heroes for Hire #1
  • Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning want to bring you a bunch of characters that you would never ever expect to see! Also, it’s as far from the cosmic universe as you can get, so you’ll see Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning doing something new!
  • Next year there will be NO Fantastic Four title on the shelves (after the events of 3), so be ready for that. Just in time for the 50th anniversary!
  • Awesome Paolo Rivera anniversary covers celebrating the various iterations of the FF all next year
  • Dan Slott says New job for Peter which will be a career, and now he will expand his arsenal. He’s a genius, right? He’s gotta ave cool stuff! New costumes on the way! One of the suits avialable in MvC3!
  • Hobgoblin will be coming back, Mac Gargan is back to Scorpion , Who will be Venom?
  • Spider-man book will be moving to 30 pages, sometimes the book will be one story 30 pages, and sometime it will be 22 pages with an 8 page backup — that tie directly to the main story
  • The first backup is going to feature Paul Tobin’s Spider-Girl, to launch his new title, which is also part of Big Time ft. Arana as Spider-Girl.
  • Osborne miniseries is also under the Big Time banner

Ultimate Announcements

  • Ultimate Thor 1, which was day and date digital as well as print, will continue to be day and date!
  • Hulk will join Ultimate X in issue 5
  • Aftermath from Ultimatum will be shown in Ultimate X, it’s not to be missed!
  • New Ultimates by Loeb is about the characters who aren’t currently Avengers in the Ultimate universe. The arc will be called Thor: Reborn.
  • Sara Pichelli is joining the Ultimate Spider-Man book doing alternate arcs with David Lafuente
  • The 150th issue is coming, and Ultimate Spider-Man will go back to it’s original numbering!
  • Jason Aaron will be writing Ultimate Captain America! With Ron Garney on art NEW SERIES!
  • Aaron says that Cap’s life is “going to suck pretty hard”
  • While Cap was in ice, they made a new Cap, rather than being forged in WW2, he was forged in Vietnam, a very different experience. That Cap disappeared and he feels like Cap got off easy by not being in Vietnam, so he’s going to teach Steve what he needs to know!
  • That second Cap will be a character we know from the Marvel Universe, but who is new to the Ultimate Universe (Matt’s note: My Money is on Nuke or maybe John Walker)

Nothing much new in the 616 that we haven’t already heard but Ultimate Captain America sounds interesting! and the renumbering of Ultimate Spider-Man seems silly since they only just reset the numbers not long back.

GS Reporter: Matt

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