NYCC 2010 – X-Men Panel Report


New York Comic Con 2010 has started and one of the first major panels was the X-men Panel. lots of stuff was teased, below is the main bullet points from the panel!

  • “Serve and Protect” is the second arc of X-Men written by Victor Gischler, which will guest star Spider-Man and bring the X-Men back to NYC, It is a book about “wrestling with what mutantkind means to the world now” beginning with a shocking event in Japan. 
  • Wolverine is in Hell while his demon possessed body runs wild on earth. In #4, fans can expect a hell of a throwdown with Colossus. Then, Wolvie will have to face down the whole of the X-Men with a very prepared Cyclopps at the helm.
  • a Wolverine & Jubilee limited series spinning out of Curse of the Mutants by Kathryn Immonen and Phil Noto
  • Wolverine and Hercules walk into a bar in “Myths. Mutants, and Monsters”, a non-strip thrillride of a limited series
  • X-Force will be going after Apocalypse to kill him before he becomes their greatest enemy, however he is a child which complicates things
  • X-Factor is currently in Las Vegas and while what happens in Vegas stays there, so does a teammate as X-Factor becomes one member smaller
  • X-Factor will find themselves working for J. Jonah Jameson
  • Writer Peter David also promises that X-Factor will take the time to reflect issues in the real world including suicide by bullying and the revelation of Monet’s Islamic roots.
  • Mike Carey’s X-Men Legacy has the team returning to San Francisco for a storyline called Fables of the Reconstruction. 
  • Something called “Age of X” announced
  • In Jan of 2011, the end of mutantkind as you know it arrives. (not for the first time)
  • The cast of X-Men Legacy will continue to include Rogue and Magneto, but also work in characters like Hope, Hellion, Omega Sentinels and others

Personally I’m not a big X-Men fan, i enjoy the wolverine titles but thats about all the mutant stuff i read unless there is a major cross over event. but it seems there is enough stuff here to keep you Mutant fans happy for the next few months.

GS Reporter: Matt

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