NYCC 2012: Thoughts & More from the Big Apple’s Comic Convention

“Greetings Earthlings! You have landed at the New York Comic Con!”

In my fifth year attending the New York Comic Con – it’s become pretty clear that this convention is actually more of a comic convention (as the name goes!) than any others I’ve been to in recent memory. And that’s an amazing thing if that’s where your interest lies!

A couple of things to point out: the con now takes up the entire Jacob Javits Center but moving between areas is not as free-flowing. Everything’s spread across many rooms and levels, so it can be more than slightly confusing to navigate. On the upside however, this helps spread out the crowd, so while there were sometimes areas of gridlock, for the most part, I didn’t want to kill anyone trying to get around.

The biggest part of this show is Artists Alley. At SDCC, it has become a bit non-existent, whereas at NYCC, this wasn’t the case. The cavernous space that hosted the artists was easily the size of an airplane hangar if not larger. I saw some amazing art and wish I scheduled more time to hang around there. Even at its most crowded, you could still walk between tables and not get squished to death.

I’m all about the television media aspects of conventions and this is where I found NYCC lacking. The Walking Dead had a huge presence as it did last year and Starz unveiled its upcoming historical fantasy drama Da Vinci’s Demons but overall, there weren’t many TV or film panels.

The best part is the exhibit floor; if it’s possible, even more people go all out with their cosplay outfits than at SDCC. I saw the 10th Doctor carrying around his TARDIS (didn’t realize he was that strong!), Tony Stark, a group dressed like characters from Avatar the Last Airbender and of course, I caught a pair of cosplayers recreating a scene from Psy’s Gangnam Style! There was also loads of props and replicas like the Lego Hulk and Gandalf.

Regardless, if you’ve never been – you’ll find something to catch your eye. Into anime and manga? There were tons of screenings, panels and booths dedicated to the Japanese art. Into comics? Like I said, the con was chock full of booths, artists, writers, booths, panels to fill your comic-loving heart’s desire and is a must-see for any pop-culture fan.

Click the image below to see more photos from the con!

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