Oculus VR Unveil Consumer Rift Headset & Oculus Touch Motion Controls

Oculus VR have revealed the first consumer version of its Oculus Rift virtual reality headset that will be released in Q1 2016. The Rift uses state of the art displays and optics designed specifically for VR. Its high refresh rate and low-persistence display work together with its custom optics system to provide incredible visual fidelity and an immersive, wide field of view.

It comes with a small, table-top camera on a stand that watches a constellation of LED markers on the Rift to track your head movement. Rift will work “natively” with Windows 10, and will play Xbox One games by streaming them in the headset like a VR games room.

oculos rift


Oculus also announced that the Rift will ship with a wireless Xbox One controller and wireless PC receiver. They also unveiled the Oculus Touch controller. The Touch is a hand controller system that lets you navigate the virtual world in a more natural way. Each grip includes both motion-based input as well as physical controls and haptic feedback. The Oculus Touch will launch Q1 2016 but will be sold separately from the Rift.

oculus touch1

Oculus announced that games like Eve Valkyrie will be available at launch and other launch titles will include Chronos from Gunfire Games and Edge of Nowhere from Insomniac. More games will be revealed at this weeks E3 conference.



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Source: Oculus/PC Gamer

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