One Idiots Opinion #2

Where I basically check out some of this weeks comic and nerd related news and give my totally uninformed opinion all nice and ready for the rest of the online world to tear to pieces.

So this week….

Another Blade movie ?
So Wesley Snipes has indicated that there have been talks about a 4th Blade movie and that he would be interested if the script was right. Now I could go on at length about WHY I have zero interest in seeing him back for a 4th, but rather than me do that why don’t you dig out the 3rd movie and give the audio commentary on the dvd a listen.
Hear about how they had to pay for a cgi shot of him OPENING HIS EYES because he refused to do it on set. Check out how many shots had to be re-done at the last minute because he would refuse to walk alongside someone as it was written in the script!
The problem with hearing about someone being such a frigging little princess like that is it makes it hard to take them seriously as an action hero afterwards. Anyway, like everyone who saw that movie I’d much prefer a sequel about Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel’s characters than watching Snipes’ steady decline into Steven Segal territory.

Warner Bros buy majority stake in Rocksteady Studios
Who as you all know are the guys behind last years AWESOME Arkham Asylum video game, and I gotta admit, this gives me a warm and fuzzy. Hopefully what this means is that they’ve decided to get their own in house studio to make superhero games and once Arkham 2 is done they’ll get them on whatever hot DC comics property is up next… most likely the Green Lantern movie tie-in. Arkham really did tick all the boxes, for gamers and hardcore bat-fans as well, so this would bode well for any future comic book games they turn their hands to.

David Goyer to write new Superman movie?
This isn’t 100% confirmed yet, but please god yes. I thought the last Superman movie was bollocks and it was 100% due to the script. Bryan Singer putting his “its not easy being an outsider” message into X-Men worked. It fitted the characters and totally suited the movie. His “Im adopted and being gay am unlikely to have kids” message about legacy TOTALLY derailed the Superman movie. Well that and casting someone so young and wet as Lois Lane that you think the reason Superman fled earth after getting her pregnant was to avoid the “Catch a Predator” team. Apart from her though I thought the cast were all excellent and when the story allowed Superman to do more than get his arse kicked by 3 nobodies or slip into an action packed coma, the effects rocked. Goyer can do superheroes. He knows Kramer vs Kramer isn’t the template to aim for. I’d love to see him knock this one out of the park. And yeah, let Singer direct if he wants, just dont let him near the script again. And again, you can re-use Routh, he was cool, just pretend the last movie NEVER HAPPENED. Unless of course the whole story is his seeking revenge for some intergalactic badass killing his son in the pre-credits sequence. Go dig out the script you paid Kevin Smith for. Here, I’ll do it for you. This was way more fun.

Deadpool Corps #1 released April 7
I’m trying really hard to get my head around what Marvel are trying to do with Deadpool. It’s almost like they are going out of their way to make everyone sick to frigging DEATH of the character so that by the time the movie comes out nobody will give a toss. Actually, that might be it. They’re thinking “We’re SO sick of fanboys bitching about every little thing we change when doing comic to movie adaptations. Isn’t there a way we could shut them up? If only there were no Deadpool fans left when the movie gets released….”
Seriously, this flood of Deadpool is the kind of crap you’d expect AFTER the movie gets released. Even the most hardcore fans must be getting pissed off with it by now.
Deadpool for me is like Jack Black. Put him in Tropic Thunder where he is only onscreen for about 1/5 of the movie and he can actually be pretty funny. Put him in a JACK BLACK MOVIE where you’re stuck with his repetitive shit and gurning face for the duration and you just want to club him to death like a baby seal. Deadpool is the same. Short bursts or part of an ensemble, funny stuff. Front and center for 3 ongoing titles the joke wears really thin really fast.

Marvel to release “Girl Comics”
Ok, this is basically a mini series highlighting female creators. Now I’m a guy, but I’m pretty sure if I wasn’t I’d find this a little patronising. I mean there are some AWESOME female creators out there who tear it up each month on their ongoing series. Do they really need their own little “Here you go dears, have fun, dont hurt yourselves now” title?
If it helps anyone’s career then cool, but it still feels a little like someone at Marvel got caught groping his secretaries arse and putting this out was part of his bail. Plus “Girl Comics” ??? Surely only girls are going to buy something with that title. Isnt the point to show everyone how rocking the female creative teams are?

Ok, thats probably enough of my rubbish. As ever, I’ll leave you with a totally appropriate to the column picture, and this time it’s even handed with something for the ladies and Super Friends of Dorothy as well.

– Richard McAuliffe


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