One Idiots Opinion #3

Where I basically check out some of this weeks comic and nerd related news and give my totally uninformed opinion all nice and ready for the rest of the online world to tear to pieces.

So this week….

The Amazon graphic novel clusterf**k
This weekend Amazon somehow managed to price a load of their $60+ hardback graphic novels down to $8. The comic nerd community being what it is, this news spread like wildfire and soon everyone, myself included, was nabbing books. It’s actually got to the point now where at the time of writing seven of the top ten books on Amazon are graphic novels, though the price on them all has now been corrected.
So the question is how does something like this happen? One book being mispriced you can imagine, but a whole range? And why did it take Amazon so long to correct this error?
Like I said, I got four books on order for a grand total of £40 including postage. Getting the same four on would set me back £150 and the rrp on them is £250! Will be interesting to see if these orders are honoured. I’m guessing someone at Amazon is currently drafting a bulk “sorry, but…” email or if not there are lawyers desperately looking for a loophole.

Oscar Snobs
This is just a quick rant, so bear with me. If you are on any social networking systems then like me you probably logged on to find a flood of updates as everyone rushed to be the first to “report” the oscar winners while sat in front of their televisions. This is cool but what pissed me off was the amount of “YES!!” posts about Avatar NOT winning. You know what? F**k you.
Because of that film my local cinema FINALLY went 3D and Cardiff got itself an IMAX screen. And I’ll bet the same thing happened in smaller cinemas all over the country. That’s one movie making an actual difference that will literally change how movies can be watched in an area. Thats service to film right there.

New Iron Man 2 trailer
Holy crap this looks awesome. You seen it yet? Quick tip, go to this site which gives you “right click and save” links so you can experience the high rez quicktime lovliness at your leisure
Aside from the whole coolness though and the fact they got the hokey “Iron Man Armour in a Suitcase” from the old comics to actually work, my one thought is on Scarlett Johansson. Can Jon Favreau actually make me find her hot? I mean, after the first movie I said words I thought I never would… “Gwyneth Paltrow looked foxy in that movie”. Hopefully he can make her lose the vaguely retarded expression she normally wears. Perhaps for her close ups he could use the old baby photos trick and have someone waving a teddy bear or balloon behind the camera to try and get a reaction.

Ridley Scott’s new Alien movie to be in 3D
I need to see this. I mean I REALLY need to see this. I also need to not squeal like a girl all the way through it or I’ll lose all the manly man points I scored by not crying during “UP!”. This could seriously be amazing although you know some prick out there is already planning his trauma lawsuit against the creators.

Batman : Return of Bruce Wayne
I’m a big fan of the Bat. Hell, I have the frigging bat symbol tattooed on my arm. But I just cant bring myself to get excited about this. Maybe its because Morrison is writing it and I’m still narked about how much I didnt like Batman RIP. Maybe its because I actually think they SHOULDN’T bring back Bruce and instead have one of the titles tell his “untold tales” from the past while Dick carries the mantle on to the future.
But I think mainly it’s because the concept seems to be “Bruce Wayne travels through time as a Batman cowboy, a Batman pirate, a Batman 5th member of the Banana Splits” or whatever. Didnt we already do all this during DC’s Elseworlds overload? This Batman version of Quantum Leap just doesnt interest me at all. HE ISNT MR FRIGGING BEN!
Problem is I’ll still probably read it all. Here’s hoping I’m proven wrong.

And gratuitous pic to end. You’d think it’d be Johansson, but like I said, I cant find a picture of her where she doesnt look like she’s just been planted on the forehead with a hammer. So instead, in honour of her recent Oscar and Razzie wins, I give you the lovely Ms Bullock

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