One Idiots Opinion #4

Where I basically check out some of this weeks comic and nerd related news and give my totally uninformed opinion all nice and ready for the rest of the online world to tear to pieces.

So this week….

Christopher Nolan to produce Superman Movie?

I’m a big fan of Nolan. His Batman movies rocked and Memento is an amazing bit of film. But this still seems like a studio decision rather than necessarily the right one. I cant lose the image of some suit saying “Well he made us a fortune on Batman, put him on Superman. Its all comics. Its all the same thing”

No. Its NOT the same thing.

Superman isnt Batman any more than Star Wars is Alien. Yeah Star Wars and Alien are both sci fi movies set in space, but they are totally different in tone and direction. Same as Superman isnt Batman, or indeedX-Men 2… remember what happened last time? If Nolan has gone in with an idea they loved then cool. I just hope that is what has happened as opposed to this just being an attempt to placate people scared of getting another Superman Returns by putting the Dark Knight guy onboard.

Hack Slash to move to Image Comics
I’m hoping this move gives the series the shot in the arm it needs. I really enjoyed the initial mini series of this that came out, but when it became an ongoing monthly series it got a little formulaic for me and I kind of lost interest. Plus, while I’m a fan of hot goth chicks, the Suicide Girls tie-in really felt tacky and unnecessary and put me off reading the character. It really was like a soft core version of jumping the shark… or do we say “nuking the fridge” now? I lose track.
Anyway, this will be kicking off with a 4 parter before another ongoing starts and I hope it recaptures the early, f*cked up but fun Scooby Doo feel the earlier stuff had. Also, Image being a bigger name it might make the movie that much closer to a reality which would be cool, especially as Megan Fox is looking to play the lead character. What? She cant act but she’d look cool gothed up and hitting monsters with a baseball bat.

Ron Perlman to play Conan’s dad in new movie
And with that line, this film just got 100% cooler. There arent many people you could imagine being the guy who used to clip Conan round the ear, but Perlman could pull it off. I’ll admit a naff part of me would have liked to see Arnie play it, but this shows they are taking this seriously and are avoiding any winks at the camera. Looking forward to seeing the first trailers for this and hope they get me through the pain of not getting to see Rose McGowan’s Red Sonja.

Update on the Amazon graphic novel clusterf*ck
So the early part of this week, nerds all over the world were hitting the refresh buttons on their emails and accounts like some modern day Track & Field. Some people got confirmations their stuff would ship, only to then get these countermanded. Some, like me, just had their order disappear. Some actually seem to have had their orders sent.
But on the plus side, for me anyway, my vanishing order was followed up a day later by a gift certificate of $25 from Amazon by way of an apology.

Works for me. I was gonna spend £60+ on hardbacks I didnt really need but got while the going was good. Now I’m spending £6 to make up postage and am getting two books I really DO want. Nice one amazon, let me know when you’re thinking of screwing up again so I can get onboard for some more freebies.

And to end with a pic. Coulda gone McGowan or Fox, but figured I’d go with some comic book Cassie Hack. I’ll leave it to you to imagine Ms Fox in the outfit….
Yeah, I know. DVD sales would go through the frigging roof!

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