oooh…Nice, very nice!

This belongs in a museum or failing that my display shelf!

Now I’ve got the Raiders of the Lost Ark version of this statue sitting on my desk at home and let me tell you people it’s a thing of beauty if, like me, you’re an Indy nut. My plan is to collect all three of these (yes there is a Temple of Doom statue as well).

"We named the dog...oh come on you know the rest!"

Here’s the blurb on the statue from

This Indy Theatre Statue stands approxmately 11 4/5 inches tall and depicts key elements from the 3rd movie The Last Crusade with Indy riding a horse, Henry Jones, The Grail Knight, the Grail, the Grail Diary, a German tank, the Word of God stepping stones and the Leap of Faith Lion heads around a Grail style base.

This item requires limited assembly of its parts and comes with a themed base.

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