Out of Print Judge Dredd Books Now on Amazon in eBook Form

Nowadays, Judge Dredd fans are used to seeing the stern keeper of the peace in a more pictorial form, whether in graphic novels or the quite excellent 2012 Dredd movie starring Karl Urban. In the 1990s however, Dredd’s adventures were available to read in a range of traditional novels published by Virgin Books. They have been out of print for quite some time but thanks to technology, they are being brought back again once more.


A number of titles are now available via the Amazon Kindle store:

Dread Dominion by Stephen Marley

The Savage Amusement by David Bishop

Death Masques by Dave Stone

Dreddlocked by Stephen Marley

Cursed Earth Asylum by David Bishop

The Medusa Seed by Dave Stone

The Hundredfold Problem by John Grant

Silencer by David Bishop

Wetworks by Dave Stone


Seeing Dredd finding himself in a strange dimension where Judge Caligula rules over New Rome, or finding himself on the run in the Cursed Earth, there are certainly a whole host of situations and pages to get to know Dredd that little bit better, especially if you enjoy media with a high amount of wordage! Have a look in the Amazon Kindle store now. Treat yourself!


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