Outpost 11 and Kickstarting UK Independent Films

Is the future of UK’s independent film in the hands of crowd sourcing? Maybe. Is this a good thing? Only time will tell. Are film-makers putting too much faith the public to realise their vision? History will judge. Crowd sourcing of funds does appear to have captured the public’s imagination and it probably takes power away from studios and financiers. Writer and director Anthony Woodley is one such film-maker who is putting his faith in crowd-funding. What he has in advantage over other young film-makers and crowd-sourcers is a film already in the can.

Outpost 11 is released in the UK on 30th September 2013. Catching on the shirt-tails of steam-punk’s wave of popularity, the story sees a world where steam power is the dominant technology. An army is stationed in the titular Arctic station. An order is given and an alien is released; threatening personal madness and jeopardising life itself. And it features giant Arctic spiders. What’s not to like. Award winner Woodley has said it’s been a ‘long bumpy road’ but he’s finally finished the film. Keep your eyes peeled for a review closer to release date.

Woodley’s next project is to employ Kickstarter. With his producer Luke Healy and the rest of the team at Megatopia Films, their Kickstarter campaign aims to raise funds for a feature film which aims to draw attention to the ‘real threat of antibiotic resistance’.  The post-apocalyptic film, called Artificial Horizon, is due to start shooting in September. Funding is almost complete and they aim to raise the rest by 5 July. Woodley describes the film as ‘a Sci-Fi action thriller about of a group of survivors that take to the air in an old 747 to avoid an anti-biotic resistant pandemic that is ravaging the ground below. When things start to go wrong, we are left wondering how long can the plane stay in the air and what will be waiting for them when they are forced to land. Think a modern On the Beach mixed with The Road and Contagion‘.

Sounds interesting! So what do you get for your Kickstarter investment? For a tenner, you would get a digital copy of the script, regular updates from the film set and your name and a thank you on the artificial horizon website. £25 gets you DVD of Artificial Horizon, a digital download of it (post DVD/VOD release), a digital copy of the script and more. If you fancy being an extra and getting a t-shirt, it will cost a £250 investment, while £1,000 gets an Associate Producer credit and a day on set. For the full range, check out the campaign website.

Woodley knows how difficult it is to fund independent films these days, especially for a young film-maker. So far Kickstarter has raised over $111 million for independent films. Megatopia’s target is £17,500 to complete pre-production. To date, they’ve raised £6,058 with 14 days to go . With the recent interest in Kickstarter raised by Zach Braff, who has raised close to $3 million for his film project, now is a good time for lesser-known names to get some of the action.

This film will make you think but will be action packed. It will be a serious look at a real-world issue, but also have lighter moments. Indeed writer/comedian/broadcaster Hardeep Singh Kohli has been cast as comic relief. Sounds promising? Get a piece of post-apocalyptic action here:

Reporter: Ian J Simpson

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  1. The traditional Hollywood studios are unable to dictate the thingsthe people really want or can get as they have in the past. At the time you add to that distribution on the web, press internet pages, from gossip to whole films. It is a completely new society. A lot of it good, some not.

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