Oxicomics to Release New Digital Distribution Platform – A Haven for the indie creator?

Regular visitors to this site and listeners to the Geek Syndicate podcast will know that I’ve been involved with the production of a comic adaptation based on my novel Fallen Heroes. One of our ideas when creating the comic was to somehow provide a digital version of the first issue that people could buy from the Apple store. It was important that whoever we went with could provide the same slick presentation as some of the digital comics already on the store and elsewhere. We also wanted a way that people could pick up the comic digitally who did not want to go through Apple.

In the past the trend has been that unless you are a big name creator or an established comic company it’s pretty much impossible to get in with distributors like Comixology. Now some of you know that Comixology have a distribution service coming soon that will allow digital comics to be produced and sold through their site by indie creators but that’s not here yet. So the question is what can an indie creator do to get their comic onto the Apple store digitally? The answer for us was Oxicomics a Norwegian company dedicated to allowing existing and new comic artists the ability to publish their comics on mobile devices. The company was created in January 2010 and the first released comics were out in June 2010.

Oxicomics and it’s founder Morten F. Thomsen have been a great help in adapting Fallen Heroes for a digital market and anyone interested in getting their comic onto the apple store should check them out. However the news I wanted to talk about is Oxicomics upcoming new digital distribution platform which will provide comic creators with self-service tools to allow them to adapt their comics into a digital format themselves for multiple devices. The platform will also provide the facility for creators to publish their comics, define their prices, set up sales statistics all from the web browser. The other important point to note is that their application installs onto the buyers phone\device over the internet so this means that for those comic creators who may fall foul of Apple’s tough censorship law this is a way to completely bypass that and it also means you don’t have to split your hard earned cash with Apple. Of course this will mean a percentage of the profits will go to Oxicomics as the distributor but in the past that would have been on top of the cut Apple takes.

Oxicomics have also done a deal with the creators of the Opera the web browser to promote Oxicomics titles to their community and the Oxicomics reader will be a featured product on the Opera widget site. It’s also important to note that as all they are doing is distributing the comic in a digital format all the rights to that title will still reside with the creative team.

I’ve not seen the new Oxicomics software in action as it’s not been launched but I plan to be giving it a full test drive with Fallen Heroes #1 so I will be reporting back on my experiences in the weeks to come. However, if it works and the hype is to be believed, this could be a major step in the right direction for digital comic distribution for indie creators. It means it’s a chance to level the digital playing field rather than just sitting back and allowing a few big digital comic distributors to have the monopoly (sound familiar?).

For anyone whose interested Oxicomics are open to solicitation by creators.

For more information on the upcoming digital distribution platform check out the pdf information sheet you can also check out the Oxicomics website.

If you’re a creator intersted in checking out what Oxicomics have already done I would reccommend you pick up one of their comics and see for yourself. My two faves to reccomend are Jackie Rose (think female Indiana Jones meets Atomic Robo) $0.99 and Kaiju (think godzilla) $1.99. Worth a small outlay to see if Oxicomics are for you.

Oxicomics are hoping to launch this new platform sometime in sometime in February/March.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Oxicomics

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