Pacific Rim 2 Should Still Happen

Usually being heavily into something is a pure joy. Sadly, as in many areas of life, there are bad times, times in which you might feel your heart is first pummelled and then kissed. I have been through such an event and it started when the first news stories about the possibility of Pacific Rim 2 being “halted indefinitely” appeared. I paused what I was doing to make room for swearing and muttering about idiots and money and capitalism and the usual things getting in the way of the things I like. It seemed that Pacific Rim 2 had been caught up in a clash between Legendary and Universal Pictures, with the chance of it going down after being caught in the cross-fire. I loved Pacific Rim and think Guillermo del Toro did a great job with bringing his own brand of kaiju thrills to the cinema screen.

They say that time heals all wounds and thankfully, a few days later, del Toro shared some information about what was going on. The quote below is from the IGN article linked at the bottom of this news post:

“It’s not cancelled,” he told me of the giant mecha versus monsters film. “I’m gonna do a little movie in between, if [the studio] deem[s] to approve it. But in the meantime we’re turning in a budget and a script in three weeks [on Pacific Rim 2]. So it’s still active. I still have my producer working on the budget and I still have the writer working on the script.” – Guillermo del Toro talking to IGN’s  Scott Collura

A glimmer of hope then for any fan of mega-machines and super-creatures decking it out in dense city streets. I really hope studio politics doesn’t get in the way of Pacific Rim 2‘s development and release. I went to the first film with hopes of enjoying it, not suspecting that I would come away eager to see it again as soon as possible. While Pacific Rim 2 might struggle with a case of sequelitis (I hope not), the thing at least needs to be made before we can get to the stage of fretting about it. Either way, the chances of it being made seem a little more settled at this point in time.


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Source: IGN, DenofGeek
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