Paramount Pictures Building New £2 Billion Theme Park

Oh, we so needed to hear this: Paramount Pictures to build a new £2Bn Movie Theme Park in Kent – get in there! Hollywood film giant Paramount announced their plans to build a new £2billion theme park in Kent to rival Euro-Disney.

The proposed project  would create around 27,000 jobs and transform an 87o-acre, previously industrial site, into a park featuring Europe’s largest indoor water park, theatres, live music venues, attractions, cinemas,  restaurants, event space and hotels, and would be twice the size of the Olympic Park in East London.

The project has to be given a final sign-off (and here’s hoping no-one objects as we really need this!), but Paramount used to operate parks in the past, and so this is not an entirely new venture; they have a similar park being opened in Murcia, Spain, in 2015,  and expectations are for 3 million visitors a year. The Spanish site is rumoured to include a Titanic 4D attraction, and a 4D Mission: Impossible ride.

Paramount have a great movie back-catalogue and so we can expect rides based on Indiana Jones and Transformers, as well as How to Train our  Dragon and Top Gun. They also distributed the Friday the 13thseries, so a fright ride is not out of the question.

My fingers are crossed that this gets the green light…

Source: The Daily Mail
Reporter: SilverFox

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