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San Diego Comic Con. One of the crown jewels of geekdom, and the launching point of best mates Clive (Nick Frost) and Graeme’s (Simon Pegg) holiday of a lifetime. Geeks and UFO enthusiasts, they set out on an epic road trip in a hired RV, intent on seeing the most famous UFO sites across the mid west.

Until they witness an unexpected car crash while fleeing from a pair of rednecks, in the aftermath of which they find themselves with a wholly unexpected passenger. A fugitive alien, on the run from the government- an alien named Paul, who’s as much of a slacker as they are geeks.

Things get even more complicated as the government agents close in, led by the grimly determined agent Zoil (Jason Bateman), as they unwittingly kidnap the staunchly creationist Christian camp attendant Ruth (Kristen Wiig) after Paul uses himself to clinch an argument about evolution. The chase is soon on again, with Ruth’s misguided father seeking to save her from the apparently demonic influence of Paul.

The premise is inherently funny one, and the cast is solid – Pegg and Frost are on form, their on screen chemistry fizzing away throughout, and Bateman’s agent gives nothing away until the end. But Paul is the lynchpin. Seamlessly integrated and superbly voiced by Seth Rogen, he steals more than a few scenes and is a real gem.

I reckon Universal have backed a winner on this one- it’s warm, laugh-out-loud funny throughout and wears its geek credentials with pride -there’s a plentiful supply of in jokes, some more subtle than others but cleverly done. It’s one of those movies you’re going to watch again to see how many things you missed the first time around.

I know one thing for sure now though- I want to go to SDCC!

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  1. Sharlene M /

    San Diego Comic Con is incredibly fun and incredibly daunting all at the same time. Last year I managed to make it to everything I wanted (with tradeoffs of course) but the key to it all is planning like crazy IMO.

  2. The JuRK /

    How long is Seth Rogen going to play out the fat, stupid slacker routine? He’s pretty much run his course as himself…so we have to endure it again as a CGI alien? What’s next? The Seth Rogen PIXAR incarnation as a marijuana plant? “Uuuuh, hi…I’m Seth Rogen,the stoner…as a marijuana plant…get it?”

    • The One Who Is Always Right /

      I just realised this comment was approved and shouldn’t have been. I’ve now removed it. if you want to make a comment or disagree is fine but you start flaming folks and your comment is going to be taken down.

      • hes stupid /

        Again this comment was deleted as it verged on flaming. If you want to make a comment to disagree with the previous point go ahead but please do it without flaming or attacking folks.


  3. Ryan /

    Seth Rogen is awesome the way he is. He is almost on the top of his game with him being major roles in all these movies recently he is on his way to become the next big thing in hollywood.

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