Pet Great White Shark Smells Blood on Kickstarter

Have you ever wanted to own a great white shark and keep it as a pet? Unless you are a Bond villain, the chances of you having the space for one are pretty slim. Yes there’s the bath but that’s just being silly.

Mike Howarth has the answer. How about a 6 inch electronic one that sits next to your PC and swims around its own tank? You can still have the coolness factor but with less of the messing around that owning a real shark would cause.

Mike has launched The World’s First Pet Great White Shark on Kickstarter today and as things stand at the moment, a good amount of interest is being generated by the project, which is already a third of the way to its £10,000 goal. I’m sure it will get there easily.

Pet Great White Shark

The shark itself is USB powered and is designed to mimic the movement of its role model. Other features are:

  1. Powered with USB- the shark marauds a full A FULL 360° around the tank!
  2. Realistic shark ‘skin’
  3. Designer tank included
  4. Super quiet motor- perfect for the bedroom or study
  5. LED lighting
  6. Because keeping an actual Great White Shark pet is highly impractical
  7. Looks and moves disturbingly like the real thing!

If you would like to help Mike fund his project, check out the Kickstarter page for more information and for what the various tiers of contribution will get you.


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