Peter Davidson, Richard ‘Games of Thrones’ Madden, Robert Rankin and Craig Charles Announced for Sci-FI Weekender

The all new Sci-Fi weekender which replaces the former SFX weekender announces some new and old faces in attendance.

So we’ve been big fans/ supporters of the SFX weekender for a while and we were as shocked as anyone to hear that the show had changed hands and the SFX guys would no longer be fronting it. However the first announcements have been made for the ‘Sci-FI Weekender’ and it’s an encouraging start. Richard Madden (Games of Thrones) and Peter Davidson ( Doctor Who) will be attending. However the bigger piece of news for me is the fact that two of the highpoints of the previous shows will be back. DJ Craig Charles will be back in house handling the musical duties and that Robert Rankin will be staying on as the host of a number of panels 9but not the SFX awards for obvious reasons) and will, we’re promised, be playing a more prominent role in the event.

As much as I miss the SFX guys involvement with this it will be interesting to see how this renamed and remastered event works now and I hope it works well because it’s a great idea for a convention and really does bring the festival vibe to geekdom. As they say time will tell.

Check out the press release below for more info.

Next Springs Sci Fi Weekender now in its Fourth year is pleased to announce its first round of guests including Richard Madden aka Robb Stark from the excellent award winning HBO TV Series Game of Thrones.

Beautifully created for television by David Benioff  and adapted from the George R Martin fantasy novels Game of Thrones is already  gearing up for its third season after scooping best television award at  the Emmys amongst others. Set in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, Game of Thrones chronicles the violent dynastic struggles among the kingdom’s noble families for control of the Iron Throne with Richard Maddens character Robb Stark very much at the forefront as son of Lord Eddard Stark played by Sean Bean.

Joining Robb Stark at next Springs Sci Fi Weekender is Peter Davidson aka the Fifth Dr Who.

Peter Davidson succeeded Tom Baker in the role of everyone’s favourite time travelling Doctor and held the record as being the youngest ever actor to play Doctor Who up until Matt Smith.

As his role as The Fifth Doctor he encountered many of the Doctor’s best-known adversaries, including the Daleks (in Resurrection of the Daleks) and the Cybermen (in both Earthshock and The Five Doctors).

Also the Sci Fi Weekender would never be complete without its own resident DJ Craig Charles aka Red Dwarfs Dave Lister taking to the turntables to provide the sounds for our annual Maskerade Ball.

Finally concluding our first round of announcements our event would simply not be complete without everyone’s favourite alternative sci fi & fantasy author the legend that is Robert Rankin the host with the most who will resume his role at the forefront of the event and will this year host a number of panels, as well as play an even bigger part in this years proceedings all to be revealed shortly.

The recently renamed Sci Fi Weekender team are keener than ever to make next springs event the best to date and want to ensure the entertainment is better than ever before with a number of exciting imminent announcements in the pipeline as well as more entertainment promised than ever before as well as Q&As from the guests, readings, screenings, Comedy, Intergalactic pub quizzes and much much more.

The Sci Fi Weekender takes place on Friday 1st March through to Sunday 3rd March at its new upgraded location of Hafan y Môr Holiday Park, 

North Wales.
LL53 6HX

Tickets can be bought from

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