Photos from SyFy’s Sharknado 3 Launch Party

So last night we packed GS team member Montoya off to Soho, armed with his trusty camera, for the Sharknado 3 launch party that the Syfy Channel were running.

Here are few pics of the event with some familiar faces (who knew Jedward are fans of Marvel and Stan Lee???).

GS Blogger: Nuge

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  1. I knew they were Marvel/Stan Lee fans (think they’ve even met him) but I’m a fan 🙂 Glad you had a great night! Did they impress you otherwise with their knowledge of things Geek? They’re serious techos!

    • Montoya /

      Hey Lisa, they did indeed meet Stan Lee and we had a good chat about Marvel films and others things as well. Lovely guys and was a pleasure to meet them. Lets hope they have a bigger part in Sharknado 4: Jedward Strikes Back!!

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