Plants vs Zombies – Game of the Year Edition Preview

Popcap’s record breaking game “Plants vs Zombies” is due for release on PCDVD as a Game of The Year Edition, and I am lucky enough to have been asked to review the game for Geek Syndicate. So whilst I eagerly await the arrival of my review copy (I will be harassing the postman every morning on your behalf), here is a little preview the game.

Now, I’m pretty sure everyone who reads Geek Syndicate is a big fan of Zombies, well apart from me for I am truly terrified of them, but how big a fan of we of plants? Well the normal summer colourful things, like sunflowers, they’re lame, but zombie bashing plants are the kind that I would be more then willing to grow.

Plants vs Zombies in typical Popcap style is an action puzzler, where a group of Zombies are attacking a home, and you have to place different types of plants in the garden and on the roof in order to stop the hoard of zombies breaking through your defences and chomping down on your delicious, delicious brains. All the different plants have different abilities and include the potato mine, the peashooter and the hypno-shroom. There are also all different kinds of Zombies for you to try and tactically destroy.

Here’s some screenshots of the game:

I really enjoy some of the Popcap games, I became massively addicted to Chuzzle and Peggle when I was at University! I can’t wait to get my hands on this game and bust some Zombie heads open! Now if only I could grow these plants for my house, maybe my incredible fear of Zombies would dissipate somewhat…

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