Please nominate Geek Syndicate in the Podcast Awards 2008!

Well everyone it’s that time again. Last year we ask you guys to nominate us in the 2007 and podcast awards and the response was fantastic. I’m sure you will rise to the challenge once more. Although we didn’t win we did get nominated and given the numbers and podcasts involved that was a huge achievement so thanks to everyone who voted.

So please vote then get everyone you know to vote. We’ve got out 100th episode coming up so to get a 2nd nomination would be an awesome way to celebrate our 100th episode! It only take a few mins out of your day so please vote today(wow I just made that rhyme).

VERY IMPORTANT: You only get to submit this form “1” time. Fill it out completely! Once you hit Submit you are done for 2008! Do not submit the same show in multiple categories.

Exception: “You can submit a Show for “People’s Choice” or “Best Produced” and one other category.” Confused? See the Rules!

So if you could vote for us in People Choice and the Best Entertainment category that would be great
and here are the rules

Cheers all!

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