Police Quest Creators Launches “Spiritual Sequel”.

3e3ebabcd25773c027dffe951c10f3e2_largeFor those of you playing “Kickstarter Bingo” here’s a couple of easy scores for you. “Spiritual Sequel”, “Classic Adventure Game” and “Several Hundred Thousand Dollars”. Yes, the creator of Sierra’s classic series of Police Quest games is launching a project for Precinct, a first-person adventure game for PC and Mac. They’re asking for half a million dollars to develop the game, with a timescale of June next year, although its sufficiently underway for some screenshots to be included with the pitch: 


If there is a note of cynicsm to this post its simply this – there’s a lot of this about at the moment, and a fair few are struggling to meet their target. We covered American McGee’s OZombie only last week and it’s been pulled already – do we think an updating of Police Quest is really going to pull in the punters?

GS Reporter: Matt

Source: Kickstarter

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