Being a comics reviewer for an awesome website like Geek Syndicate is an absolute dream come true:  You get to hear about and read comics which would otherwise pass you by, and have the chance to share your thoughts on them to a great community of fellow geeks. Best of all, you learn about series which you hadn’t ever heard about ! It is one of those series that I discovered today, as Improper Books announced the release of the third book in the Porcelain series, Porcelain: Ivory Tower !

In Porcelain: Ivory Tower, series creators Benjamin Read and Chris Wildgoose take us back to the world of Mother, a revolutionary who must overcome ruthless enemies and the dark secrets of her past to carve a new future for all of her Children.  A decade has passed since Porcelain: Bone China, one which Lady has become Mother, hidden behind the walls of her tower and cut off from the world after sacrificing everything to keep her Children safe.

Writer Benjamin Read says in this chapter of the story we will see the family Mother has built around her and the lengths she will go to protect them.

“This is the next great trial in her grand and terrible life and in it we will see the scars that she leaves on the world, and those it leaves on her in turn. There’s a cost to everything, especially freedom, and it’s time for Mother to pay”.  



Artist Chris Wildgoose expands on this idea saying that the book will open up the world of Porcelain, with a larger scope and larger stakes while retaining the core theme of being an intimate story of a woman using every power available to her to keep the peace, both on her side of the wall she has raised and the other.  

Chris echoes Ben in saying “Most victories come at a heavy price, but our heroine is just as fierce as ever, just as snappy as that Child we met in the first book; she always has a trick up her sleeve’     

Even though I haven’t read either of the first two Porcelain books, the obvious enthusiasm of Chris and Ben has me wanting to buy all three books immediately ! The series sounds like it was written for me, a fan of fantasy, fairy-tales and a long-time activist, are my dreams being scanned ???               

Also, if that cool premise wasn’t enough to draw me in, the fact that the first two books have been feted by acclaimed fantasy novelists such as Lev Grossman and Patrick Rothfuss AND have been translated and published in France by the famed Editions Delacourt let me know that the story is brilliantly told.

Porcelain: Ivory Tower is available from supporting UK independent comic shops now (and can be ordered via the Previews catalogue should your local shop be sold out)!

For more information about all of the Porcelain series, and to see a free 12-page preview of Porcelain: Ivory Tower, visit http://www.improperbooks.com/project/porcelain-ivory-tower/

GS Blogger: Brett Harris 

Source: Improper Books


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