Powers Gets It’s Leading Lady

The TV adaptation of the original Graphic Novel by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Oeming, Powers, has finally found it’s female lead. British-born actress Lucy Punch will play Deena Pilgrim, a homicide detective dealing with superhuman related murders.

Punch has played many roles; including Eve Draper in Hot Fuzz (the girl who plays Juliet and eventually gets decapitated), Verity Thwaits in St. Trinians and in this years bad Teacher, Amy Squirrel.

This announcement may come as a surprise for those ‘In the know’ as Katee Sackhoff has shown great interest in playing the role, and has an undeniable likeness to Oeming’s rendidtion of Deena from the comic series. Which lead to the creation of a facebook group to get her the role.

Those previous roles for Punch don’t really scream ‘hardcore detective’ so I’m doubtful that she is the right woman for the job. However, she has played those characters extremely well so I’m sure the TV Execs know what they are doing.

GS Reporter: Tom

Source: Deadline

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