Pratchett Attending Australian Con

Fantasy and sci-fi author Terry Pratchett has announced he’ll be attending the upcoming Australian Discworld Convention in April, 2011. (Or should that be XXXX?)

Pratchett at the Colour of Magic premiere

It was revealed in an email by the organiser of the event that Pratchett would be attending, “barring any serious mishap”, on the condition that the fans come too. Pratchett will be accompanied by his personal assistant and a swarm of fans, who will probably descend upon Australia like a swarm of locusts. It was previously uncertain as to whether Pratchett would make the 10,000 mile journey, as his condition sometimes makes travel problematic. This announcement has cleared up such doubts and will no doubt herald the booking of a few dozen Outback holidays.

Discworld conventions have blossomed across the globe, as Pratchett is popular across Roundworld; Australia, America, England, Germany and Ireland have all played host to the conventions, and Holland has declared that it will be playing host to one soon as well.

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