Predators – The Crossword (cue ominous and haunting music)

I know when I usually think of crosswords a spine ripping, skull displaying Predator is not exactly the first image that springs to mind. However with the release of Predators (which I’ve still not seen yet) on DVD next month  we thought we would have a little fun (before the bloody violence starts) with a little Predators inspired crossword.

You can download the crossword from the link below.

PREDATORS Crossword – I’m sure you’ll find it just as scary and intense as any Predator movie (ok maybe a little less).

Predators is out on Blu-Ray and DVD on 1st November 2010. Check back with us next Monday for your chance to win a copy of the film on DVD.

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  1. Do I have to talk like Adrian Brody while I play?

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