Pretty in Geek Web Series is Pretty Awesome

Pretty in Geek is an eight episode web series that seems to have been gaining quite a few followers recently. The series about a group of 3 girls and a guy playing D & D over the course of a year and is loosely based on the creator’s (Elize Morgan) experience when playing D & D.

From Dani, who just wants to run the game, to Anna who wants to blow things up, Erin who attempts to steal the book, Stacey who just doesn’t get it – and rounding out with Jason, a guy who takes gaming more seriously than anything else – the sitcom is a series about people attempting to play a cooperative game in the least cooperative manner.

The first two episodes are out now on YouTube and on their own website and are quite good. They have a slightly “fly on the wall” feel about them with characters seemingly doing short video interviews in the host’s bathroom.  Having worked in a comic and board game shop while D & D has been played I have definitely seen some of these characters both in male and female players but it is refreshing to see a female majority in the cast.

This series is the latest of a series of girl geeks showing their colours via YouTube and video blogs and it is great to see how internet video is allowing women to show their geekiness proudly.

The creators seem to have some big plans for this series and I am going to stick with it to see whether that can squeeze it all in to eight 5-minute episodes.

Source: Pretty in Geek
Reporter: Amy


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