PREVIEW: Collider – A New Time Travelling Transmedia Project Gets Underway

 Collider is a new transmedia project under development which will culminate in a feature film. Leading us to that goal the team behind the project have sprinkled out an intriguing path of digital breadcrumbs consisting of a video game, web series and a  six part comic.

Time travel is something which has always fascinated geeks since well time began. No matter how we jump back and forth through time; a police box, time tunnel or sports car complete with flux capacitor it’s one of the corner stones of sci-fi that stick with us and seeks to throw new spins on the concept. This time around the idea comes from Nuno Bernardo at beActive media and his project titled Collider. The interesting thing about Collider is that the story will be told using transmedia elements that include a comic,a game,a web series and even a feature film. Nuno promises that rather than a tacked on marketing tool for the film and that these elements will come together to enhance and inform the main story.

On October 1st 2012 Peter Ansay breaks into CERN lab to gain access to the Collider and sabotage it, preventing any future experiments. But something goes terribly wrong and he is transported to 2018 by a wormhole to a world destroyed by natural disasters and at war with the Unknown. He wakes up in a strangely familiar place, convinced he’s somehow been there before. You are now in the future, “trapped” inside what seems to be a hotel. Outside, the atmosphere is unlivable and anyone who ventures out disappears in the shadows, taken by the Unknown.

Transmedia is one of those buzz words that’s been around for a few years now. Using different forms of media to bring in the audience into the story through different routes has always fascinated me. One transmedia’s drawbacks  can be how well all those elements work together. Also not all of us have an infinite supply of time and  don’t want to be forced into exploring every element of a transmedia universe in order to understand what’s going on. We should be able to pick and choose. It’s a dangerous tightrope and one I hope Collider can walk as the initial idea is a very promising one. I met with Nuno at the Kapow Comic Con where we talked about the project and he showed me some of the elements he was working on. They all looked solid enough and he had given a lot of thought to the different ways that people would be able to interact with the world of Collider. Nuno also has a solid background in developing transmedia projects and was well aware of some of it’s pitfalls.

It was hard not to be swept along by Nuno’s passion for the project and if he can pull off half of what he’s promising then this will be a very cool project indeed. It’s also interesting that the film hasn’t even started shooting yet and Nuno is thinking of ways that fans’ feedback to the initial elements can influence the film when filming starts in September.

The first of these elements, issue 1 of a six part comic series, you can pick up for free from the Collider Facebook page. The next release is a web series starring Iain Robertson which goes starts next week. It will be a web series  starring charting the exploits of Peter as he tries to stop the impending doom that the Collider promises.

A look at the Collider Web Series

Watch this space for more news. In the meantime check out the trailer for the comic.

Source: Collider World
GS Reporter: Nuge

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